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What You Can Do About Paying More

A while back, I blogged about many third-party vendor inefficiencies (also listed below) that cause clients to pay more for the same services obtained here. Yes, I sell my services both directly here and through a third-party vendor, obtaining the same compensation through either method. Occasionally for the first couple of weeks, clients like having third-party benefits, such a vendor provider’s search engine and an online Work Diary. However, are third-party services worth regularly paying more?

If the third-party service vendor’s matrix serves your needs, super; however, please read the fine lines before entering such contracts. More interesting for current clients involved in this described matrix is, “How do I get out?” Well, thanks to the alleged work of one of my brilliant clients and others, the service providing vendor was limited with holding business relationships hostage beyond the value of the vendor’s services provided. What does this legalese mean for you? It means that there is a way out of the matrix! Actually, there are a few ways…

  • The first way to get out of the vendor’s matrix involves reorganizing how your business gets done (e.g., contract assignments through a referred partner).
  • The second way is to stretch out your professional relationship with your preferred service provider over 24 months, at which time you can just hire directly and save significant money.
  • The third way to make your exit is to avoid the vendor’s matrix from the start. Click around LinkedIn, find the service providers you need, and then contact them directly. You only want to hire competent professionals who can serve you well, so take some time to look around at their professional profiles and websites.
    As written about last year, services cost less when the following inefficiency factors are avoided:

    • third-party consultation challenges (on a platform that does not always work);
    • logging into third-party software (on a system that does not always work);
    • setting up and maintaining inflexible contracts;
    • clearing out all other open software;
    • waiting for billable time segments to start;
    • risking reputed third-party disputes and account problems;
    • being distracted by at least six random pop-up notifications per hour;
    • opening new screens to protect client confidentiality on project and file names;
    • closing open screens while saving them to recall lists for all clients’ confidentiality;
    • timing confidential opening of files and emails containing client instructions or other confidential information;
    • experiencing third-party technical issues, including occasional payment delays, application glitches, and server failures.

    In addition to a vendor provider’s search engine and a Work Diary, do you really need all the following “benefits” of an intermediary third-party vendor?

    taking screenshots of your proprietary work;
    • taking screenshots of login information;
    • crowdsourcing ratings from strangers;
    • providing the “recourse” of feedback that can be hidden quickly;
    • distracting your freelancer with six random pop-up notifications per hour;
    • quoting a 20% fee necessarily passed on in part to clients by in-demand professionals, while system factors and usage fees can regularly create a 25% increase of real costs;
    occasionally might guarantee some contracts (i.e., even well-documented proof has only a slight chance to pass for nonpayment allowance, regardless of service quality, since all freelancers are given payment guarantees).

    Only you can determine what is best for your company’s budget. Please, never assume that the same rates can be offered through a third-party vendor as are offered through a direct services provider. Any successfully busy services provider just cannot work for significantly lowered compensation for the same work. Would you, and can you afford to, work for a lot less than your skills easily command on an open market?

    Save time and money: Click here to see directly offered rates.

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