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Services List Hourly Range Estimates (USD)
Novel Manuscript Copyediting & Proofreading
(May include informal content critiques as needed)
Book Manuscript Copyediting & Proofreading
(May include informal content critiques as needed)
Developmental & Content Editing, Heavy Copyediting, & Line Editing
(May include substantive or stylistic editing as needed)
Content Critiques & Manuscript Evaluations
(May include analysis of plots, scenes, characters, pacing, intensities, chapter breakdowns, and more as needed)
Structural Editing of Creative Story Lines 25–44
Creative Writing & Ghostwriting 34–54
Technical or Business Story Writing, Rewriting, & Editing 37–59
“Flexible ranges above allow for exceptionally high-value work
in all I love to do for my special clients.”

– Jeanie Lyubelsky

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Complete Confidentiality

Your work deserves the utmost respect. Jeanie Lyubelsky will never disclose any details of your work, including confidential information shared in the provision of services for you. All simple and clear NDAs will gladly be considered. You can rest assured that your career-focused editor has no ambitions to become a published author yet loves supporting authors. Equally important, since you are hiring the services of a professionally well-known editor, all ghostwriting services rendered are naturally confidential. You are welcome to specify any special handling considerations for your work when placing your order for services.

Best Quality Service Guarantee

The service guarantee is simple: Free review or money back if your manuscript is rejected and work done by this service provider was not altered, with the rejection based entirely on English language errors. You may rest assured with top-notch quality standards and best-practices service delivery, while PayPal includes additional guarantees.

Easy Payment Terms

Easy and safe guaranteed payments can be made with any credit card. There is no need to have a PayPal account to get full service delivery guarantees. Prepaid segments can easily be set up with incremental payment plans for larger manuscripts and other longer-term projects.

Considering Hiring Through a Third Party?

If you were referred without a vendor service, contact me directly to enjoy the best rates, greater service flexibility, and guaranteed exceptional results. (Click on this blog post to see why third-party prices are higher or this blog post if you are already involved in a third party’s matrix-like contract.) My credentials, experiences, and competencies are the same no matter where I am hired. Direct online payment guarantees are stronger than those offered by a third party that must openly guarantee payment to its many working contractors, regardless of delivered service quality. Offers through third parties cost about 20% more for covering associated efficiency and fee factors, while exclusive rates can be offered directly. You may want to consider the following: Is ordering a smaller trial sample worth a more flexible professional service relationship, the best pricing values, a direct connection, and high-quality services delivered directly to your inbox?

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