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Negotiate Good Deals and Create Winning Partnerships

For those of you who have always been told, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” this post is for you! We all want our work to be compensated for its value provided. Making sure that your investment of time and knowledge is met with reward is not always easy in markets driven by social media experts, marketing gurus, and others who seem to know just what to say at the right time.

Before stepping into any negotiation, you will want to determine the value and worth of what you are offering. Research is necessary to see what is out there and how your abilities compare. Once you identify a fair price, become comfortable with the numbers that are at and above your bottom line. When you are talking with those who will be collaboratively monetizing your ideas, they will want to know that you value what they have to offer too. If you are offered what you have asked for, quickly accept the offer as a partnership with a bright future.

Sometimes, those who may partner with you will bring assets to the table with no quantifiable dollar amount. If a prospective partner is letting you know about their knowledge or professional network, make sure to pay attention for identifying any creative joint-venture opportunities that may otherwise be missed. While thinking about networks, remember to ask people who you know personally for their opinions; you may find that you already know qualified experts. Keep options open, because you never know exactly where your next idea will come from or where you could be headed to next.

In addition to what you offer to any specific opportunity, investors will want to know a little more about you. If you are a terrific problem-solver, let your brilliant creativity shine and express yourself. Ask your investors why they are interested in your ideas, and you will know what aspects to discuss in more depth. A win-win situation can evolve by meeting the needs of each involved person. Listen… closely… to identify burdens and solve struggles by creating new opportunities. Preparation and commitment may be your strong points if you naturally gravitate toward details; express this too! When finding yourself with partners who are as passionate about your ideas and abilities as you are, then you are well on your way to successfully mastering the art of win-win negotiations.


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