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Insider’s Guide to Professional Editing & Proofreading Services

Do you find yourself wrapped up in…

specific word choices,
content flow, enhanced readability,
effective communication strategies,
punctuation rules,
and other language style decisions…

when your mind just wants to create your stories and visions?

Who are you are trusting to edit and proofread your valuable content?

A message for you from Jeanie:
You will likely find that my personally delivered, consultative editorial services are exactly what you need. Automated editing, proofreading, and other content programs that work about as well as “spell check” cannot deliver what you need. What you get with my service is pure, authentic, top-notch content expertise delivered by an extensively experienced professional.

What I share with you here below will save you time, money, and potential headaches, and it is all readily available on the internet with a little searching. Many content mills and largely managed editorial services or other third parties often (1) charge higher fees for longer turnaround times or (2) simply charge more for non-native English speakers to mark up your heart-felt written work.

Some of these agencies hire intelligent professionals for very short contracts, only to resell the obtained services as ‘samples’ with a claim that “Ph.D.-level authors work for us and will be reviewing your writing.” It gets really bad when these agents use such ‘samples’ to make sales and then hire $10/hr. workers to follow up with their new, trusting clients. I have been approached for such initial ‘sales samples’ many times. These clients’ identities and their inquiries for my services are requested to be kept mysteriously discrete, while their instructions are almost always the same: “Do not use your last name in document creation or tracked changes, and mark up the copy with as much redlining as possible.” We can all watch what these agencies are doing online—just ask for details if you want to quickly see the connections.

Some managed editorial service mills and even some freelancers may falsely claim certain amounts of education or native familiarity with the English language in contacts with authors. Even on the most popular third-party services sites, contractors only need to check a box identifying oneself as “a native speaker with no discernible accent” or make claims of educational levels—and all of this is then displayed as legitimate credentials on contractors’ profiles. Given these common content mill business practices, you may want to know a little more about your services provider, that is, more about the person who is editing and otherwise adjusting words to be published in your name.

Regardless of the industry’s general practices, results, in the end, are what count. Large content-reviewing companies can hardly compete with cost-to-service value offered by even just one serious independent editor. In fact, when your manuscript comes in the door of a managed editorial content mill, the first-available “editor” is often assigned for what has just become a tighter turnaround time by at least one layer of management. Alternatively, such editorial services mills may subcontract your manuscript altogether to freelancers working outside of their agency. Busy reseller agents of any variety do not have time for deep involvement with continuing consultations followed by direct editorial service provisions. (For a related view, efficiency factors of why third-party services cost an average of 20–30% more can be seen by clicking here.)

When you are on editorial services resellers’ sites, look closely at written guarantees, and you will find that no editorial services agency can guarantee evaluation approvals or other successful gains, regardless of claimed relationships to any larger groups. Such editorial content mill practices cannot even begin to handle helping you produce truly effective and personally targeted messages to your intended audiences. Furthermore, they certainly cannot effectively customize and develop your written work for your story line to be uniquely special.

Another issue to look at when hiring an editor for your important work is the possibility of revisions and future development needs. Initial unfamiliarity expressed by “your editor” or “your proofreader” indicates that you have run into a services reseller agency where your next manuscript or even revisions unlikely to be carried out by the same person that worked on your first version. On the other hand, when your original service provider remembers you personally to continue on with your meaningful and purpose-driven content objectives with you, you can rest easy with the personalized attention that comes with a full understanding of the nature and scope of your characters, settings, plot styles, and story lines.

As a full-time editorial services professional, I do not hire other editors and proofreaders, run a content mill, or try to build “how to start your own business” websites on the side. In my digital editorial office, I am not on the phone or chatting with clients when your important manuscript is on my digital desk. Quite simply, you have my full professional focus, and I am a novel and book editor who is hired to look out for my clients’ best interests.

I personally review each of my clients’ content orders carefully for understanding the objectives they have in mind. This may include editing with a focus on audience reactions, message reception, questionable word usage, hidden context or meaning problems, mechanical language issues that affect content readability, and content enhancement areas for clarity, flow, and style effectiveness. Consultative comments, if desired, are gladly offered out of extensive experience in helping countless authors deliver deeply targeted messages to successfully reach their publication goals. I offer specialized editing and proofreading services, because I truly care about my clients’ successes!

Standard American English, with all of its nuances, is the basic language for my author-clients’ publications, and I use it with an unwavering, excellent command. Additionally, my natural colloquial understanding of inherently changing language rules, syntax, and context dynamics uniquely positions me to help you with high-quality editorial services. I can also review content for clarity and authentic credibility within various forms of English (e.g., British English, Australian English, and more). In addition to special training for editing and meaningful presentations of story line content to touch and move reading audiences, you have found a professional editor who focuses daily on continually advancing my clients’ plans for success.

In continually enhancing my career, I am an active member of ACES (American Copy Editors Society). I also provide ongoing editorial management services for a peer-reviewed journal, where I am in a unique publisher position of first reviewing manuscript submissions, recommending further manuscript review processes, and coordinating other expert-level editors whose work seals our decisions as to which manuscripts move on to successful publication. I work closely with authors to produce publishable content on a daily basis. My uniquely significant editorial perspectives come only with years of extensive professional involvements, and when we can appreciatively work together, I can competently help you earn a lifetime of pride with your published content too.
– Jeanie Lyubelsky

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