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Paying More at Upwork?

Do you want to save a significant amount of money for top-notch services? If you reviewed my excellent feedback through a third-party website with higher rates but had first found this website on your own, then you will want to contact me directly as a referred client to save time and money (click here to see regular rates). If you are visiting here and found me on a third-party site first, please have no worries. You are only on a two-year contract with the third party and get a Work Diary in the meantime. Additionally, as can be seen by my work reviews, clients are very happy with my services offered there too!

This article is a little different from the rest in considering wonderful clients who could be consistently saving money with my website rates, and instead, they are billed at higher hourly rates. Realize that if you even “identify” a freelancer through a third-party site, you will be compelled to follow their platform’s terms of service by clicking ‘I agree’ when entering their site. These terms include a 24-month exclusivity contract between your service provider and the third party. For example, the sales angle of these vendors is often, “not all freelancers are competent, so we…
   • take screenshots of your proprietary work;
   • take screenshots of login information;
   • crowdsource ratings from strangers;
   • provide the “recourse” of feedback that can be hidden quickly;
   • distract your freelancer with six random pop-up notifications per hour;
   • quote a 20% fee necessarily passed on in part to clients by in-demand professionals, while system factors and usage fees can regularly create a 25% increase of real costs;
   • occasionally might guarantee some contracts” (i.e., even well-documented proof has only a slight chance to pass for nonpayment allowance, regardless of service quality, since all freelancers are given payment guarantees).

While all of this activity is going on for the sale of a third-party’s contractual rights on your time and money, a successful service provider can only offer the best prices and the most flexible availability without specific inefficiencies of third-party vendors’ systems. Think twice before entering inflexible contracts with third parties that will have you paying much more while legally limiting you from purchasing services directly at lower rates from your favorite service provider. Benefits of hiring directly are plenty, and most service providers will offer low-cost samples. A good-size sample can cost as low as $30, and you may already claim this amount as a free sample with the amount you save on your next order.

Save time and money: Click here to see directly offered rates.

Mounting third-party vendor costs result from inefficiencies of working through additional platforms and third-party fees. Indicators of these inefficiencies can often be seen by scrolling through third party FaceBook pages. Yes, it is that much more efficient to just accept payments through PayPal (where buyers have their PayPal guarantees) and simply start servicing orders. In fact, with such order-fulfillment simplicity, an in-demand, busy service provider has no choice but to give directly placed work orders higher priority with significant cost savings, simply to avoid all the following administrative inefficiencies:
   • third-party consultation challenges (on a platform that does not always work);
   • logging into third-party software (on a system that does not always work);
   • setting up and maintaining inflexible contracts;
   • clearing out all other open software;
   • waiting for billable time segments to start;
   • risking reputed third-party disputes and account problems;
   • being distracted by at least six random pop-up notifications per hour;
   • opening new screens to protect client confidentiality on project and file names;
   • closing open screens while saving them to recall lists for all clients’ confidentiality;
   • timing confidential opening of files and emails containing client instructions or other confidential information;
   • experiencing third-party technical issues, including occasional payment delays, application glitches, and server failures.

Lost Time + Third-Party Fees = 20% Higher Total Costs
Click here to see directly offered rates.

Other third-party hiring situations include when you want quick proofreading for a short document, yet busy freelancers cannot afford to manage smaller projects through a system that takes up such considerable amounts of administration time (not to even mention marketing issues). You will experience service limitations and minimum-order requirements to attract busy freelancers who deliver the best deals, while orders placed directly through a provider’s website are otherwise just fine. Additionally, many in-demand freelancers seldom work through third-party fixed payment systems where clients also have no provisional guarantees (such as PayPal provides), all while that same third-party vendor “warns” you about simply buying services—creating their “needs-based” environment and increasing your total costs with inefficiencies and fees.

Given all of these reasons and more, you will want to think twice before entering what looks like an innocuous third-party contract in which the third-party “provider” binds you into a long-term, costly contract by acting as an artificial intermediary. Paying an initial $30 for some work that you can use and then just hiring directly gives your work a higher service priority, while significant cost increases otherwise paid for third-party contracts stay in your own pocket.

Bottom line: Hire directly to save money and time while getting your work done faster with higher confidentiality, more flexibility, and a limitless service-based professional relationship.

Save time and money: Click here to see directly offered rates.
Are you looking at my profile through a third-party vendor after being referred to my services by your associates? Please contact me directly for services and feel free to ask me any questions through our private email consultations; you will be glad you did!
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