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» 1. Why are your price rates significantly better than those of similarly experienced editors on other platforms?
I know my market well and have clients who gladly pay open-market third-party rates, which are about 20% higher than my directly offered rates. The best values are created by ‘cost versus efficiency’ factors. I gladly give all my clients exceptional quality and competent, friendly service at the best prices possible. Such a business model allows me to focus on my editorial work within my favorite topic areas while serving my clients with professional, effective results.

» 2. How do I get free consultations?
Consultations are always free, and I love connecting with my clients! My clients are always welcome to easily contact me, Jeanie, at jeanie@lyubelsky.com for online conversations, brainstorming, and ongoing free consultations.

» 3. Do you provide free samples?
My main objective is to provide you with excellent service! Novel authors who can be served well are offered a free sample. Book authors needing manuscript proofreading service are offered a free sample page with their placed order. Prospective clients are also welcome to view my website, LinkedIn profile, or any other online profiles that have been fully written, edited, and proofread by me when making their decision to purchase my services.

» 4. How can I easily place an order?
Simply contact Jeanie at jeanie@lyubelsky.com for a free consultation to include service options, and then place your order if you wish.

» 5. Why should I hire you?
As an exceptionally well-qualified editor and proofreader with years of experience in reviewing novels and other books, I have seen many routes to success happen with my clients’ manuscripts. For ongoing professional development, I am an active member of ACES (American Copy Editors Society) and other relevant groups. Additionally, you may want to review my website’s Insider’s Guide to Services, my LinkedIn profile, and my other online profile, where clients leave excellent feedback ratings for my professional editorial work. Please contact me directly at at jeanie@lyubelsky.com with any questions about how I may edit, copyedit, or proofread your written work.

» 6. Should I hire your services through a third-party vendor?
If you were referred without a vendor service, contact me directly to enjoy the best rates, greater service flexibility, and guaranteed exceptional results. (Click on this blog post to see why third-party prices are higher or this blog post if you are already involved in a third party’s matrix-like contract.) My credentials, experiences, and competencies are the same no matter where I am hired. Direct online payment guarantees are stronger than those offered by a third party that must openly guarantee payment to its many working contractors, regardless of delivered service quality. Offers through third parties cost about 20% more for covering associated efficiency and fee factors, while exclusive rates can be offered directly. You may want to consider the following: Is ordering a smaller trial sample worth a more flexible professional service relationship, the best pricing values, a direct connection, and high-quality services delivered directly to your inbox?

» 7. Will you speak with me about my order?
Right from the time of our meeting online, I am very excited to get to know you! Please understand that all of my client consultations take place online. I will not be available for any phone time due to efficiently providing my services at great rates. If I were to be on the phone for consultations, then my rates would be pushed into upper-level consultant ranges, based on my years of competent, successful, professional experience. Additionally, even just one scheduled consultation per client would add up to many hours of sporadic work breaks per week. I gladly answer any questions with personal and timely responses through email or similar systems to provide ongoing, expert-level consultation service focused on your needs.

» 8. Can you shorten your turnaround time for reviewing my story line?
Possibly; quick and flexible timing can be discussed in a free consultation, and your expedited work gets the same careful attention with high-quality reviews. Please let me know about your requirements, and I will gladly let you know what I can do with turnaround timing for you. Retainer situations for quicker turnarounds may be discussed as our author-editor relationship develops.

» 9. Do you offer advice from the perspective of a subject matter expert?
You will continually retain your role as the subject matter expert of your field, while I understand complex subject matter to help you further your content’s impact. As you select your editorial services provider, you will find that subject-matter understanding ability is important. It is true that I have extensive technical writing and strategic copywriting experience, but this happened a long time ago, and you are clearly the writer in our relationship. As your manuscript’s author, you will want an editor who can keep your voice clear in your work, retain full meanings in context, and enhance your language usage to guide your work forward into the hearts and minds of your readers.

» 10. Do you provide guarantees?
Yes, I fully guarantee all of my work! The quality of service you receive will be exceptional based on high-level industry standards as we see in our editorial services field. Your turnaround time is also guaranteed, and the only limits to what I can do as an editor involve how much editorial work I am hired for with each manuscript review. I personally offer quality and turnaround timing guarantees, which is why I have so many happy clients, but PayPal also offers buyer protection, whether or not authors have a PayPal account. Please feel free to ask me more about guarantees for your specific order.

» 11. What software program should I use to send you a copy of my work?
My best-priced quotes are when requested work deliverables are in Microsoft Word documents. If your work is in another form, please know that I can often convert copy into .doc or .docx. You will appreciate being able to see all the additions, changes, and deletions I suggest by using Word’s ‘track changes’ feature. If you need your work completed in another format, I am also happy to work with PDFs, ShareLaTeX or LaTeX PDFs converted into Word, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint documents, Word conversions and more.

» 12. Will you accept new versions while you are reviewing my work?
Given my relatively short turnaround times, I gently ask that you submit all your written work intended for each order when it is ready for my professional editing and proofreading reviews. Since I carefully review every word, I will be able to accept new versions as new orders that also require new turnaround times. In a related and similar situation, proofreading updated work that had been edited in the past may qualify for a lower rate.

» 13. If I rewrite a couple of sentences while considering your editorial suggestions or completed strategy analysis, will you review them?
Yes! I will gladly proofread a few sentences after you have changed them based on my analyses and editorial comments. I want your work to be exceptional, and I am always glad to hear from you, so please feel free to contact me any time after your services are completed. If many changes have been made and you would like another full review, you will be offered fair price options for carefully reviewing your revisions in the context of your specific services order.

» 14. Is my privacy guaranteed?
Absolutely! I never outsource your work unless you have given me specific instructions with a budget to manage other contractors. Your information stays with me and is not shared under any circumstance or for any reason.

» 15. Do you outsource any manuscript review work?
I personally complete all of the editing and proofreading orders that come onto my virtual desktop to make sure that you get the best results possible. I am the only person to touch my clients’ precious written works. I care very much about your success! Unlike ‘content mills’ or relatively incompetent freelancers who dabble in editing or any other paid work they can get their hands on, I never outsource my clients’ important work. With me, you can count on knowing your editor and receiving consistent, top-notch quality throughout your time with me.

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