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Developmental Editing: Building Stories in Reverse to Go Forward

Top quality novel and book editing is done most efficiently when an editor understands and can generalize methods used by those who specialize in process development. Test-driven development, or “drafting” over and over, gained popularity among software developers and project managers as a means of building quality assurance before beginning to build any product. This method has many obvious advantages, while implications of its use also lead to efficient and potentially profitable business practices. Here are some reasons for this method’s success:

• Wording is drafted well up front, because vague ideas cannot be tested.
• Well-designed consistency checking allows for editorial completion measurements by figuring out how many quick tests the manuscript passes or fails.
• Once a literary product passes all editorial consistency tests, it can be published immediately.

Author review before publication and other beta reading along the way offers additional advantages to such editorial development, making manuscript editing completion processes much faster. Such a situation improves story reception outcomes, including how your characters and overall story authenticity relates to your readers. Comprehensive story-line editing, consistency reviews, and quality assurance followed methodically produces the most efficient results, which means you get more editorial feedback in less time.

Just as a highly qualified, efficient editor tests manuscripts for consistency, a programmer can write code and runs test suites to verify that everything works correctly. Setting up the new code up to be released and moved into automatic distribution also happens efficiently. This ability gives authors higher quality feedback in faster times, makes them more proud of their work, and frees them from extra review time. Overall, the advantages of hiring an editor familiar with these methods improves essential editorial processes to help authors release more successful publications.


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