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Creative Writing

As a creative writer and editor, I provide my clients with best-selling fiction novels and compellingly meaningful business content that is ready to publish.

In understanding what makes exceptional content from 20 years of experience that started with professional storybook reviewing, I create readership engagement for my clients through perceptive passion and empathy. With a master’s degree in social services, I know how to nurture and support others’ ideas, so the conversation carries on long after my clients’ words have been published.

Clients love my writing, especially when it comes in the form of creative ghostwriting and well-written, compelling content that they can use. Extensively experienced with mirroring clients’ pacing, speech patterns, vocabulary, and more, I ask consultative questions that get to the heart of the matter about what they want to write. As much as I enjoy working with my clients, they have expressed their gratitude as proud authors of their ideas that come to life in print.

When copywriting or providing other business writing, I offer my many years of story writing experience to develop consistent and compelling story lines that readers—and buyers—believe in and trust. This includes using Warren Buffett’s storytelling methods and those of others who dominate this craft.

Master your strategy in content writing, ghostwriting, and copywriting needs… I will help you solve your content challenges and provide you with authentically exceptional content.

If you need reliable service for effective writing that you can proudly use and publish, then connect with me to see what I can do for you!

– Jeanie Lyubelsky

Any questions? Contact Jeanie at jeanie@lyubelsky.com for answers! 


Connect with Jeanie to touch the hearts, minds, and lives of your readers:  jeanie@lyubelsky.com
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