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Creating Natural Interaction

No story line dialog could seem to need more help than that of people interacting with, and trusting, machines. Roboticists are conducting experiments to come up with ground-breaking technology. Why would anyone be so interested in robots? Robots are among the most distinctive innovations in the world of technology, offering innumerable applications and benefits. Working with robots exposes a researcher to a fascinating process in which engineering follows basic design principles to get from ordinary to extraordinary.

In order for robots to accomplish the tasks of people, roboticists must work with research that analyzes human functions and create systems that work within their desired context. Robotic “learning” takes place when human-robot interaction is efficient and natural. Useful information is obtained when robots collect data by interacting with humans in different natural social environments.

The quality of human-robot interaction data can be sensitive and is extremely important for a roboticist’s success. High-quality interactions take place only when the appropriately matching interface is designed, where humans would willingly interact with robots for the greatest potential of learning and assimilation. Oftentimes, this then necessitates creating a cover for the machine with a designer’s skill to artificially create appropriate gestures, speech, and even body details such as the color of the skin, hair, and eyes.

For researching human-robot interaction under the most natural circumstances as possible, there needs to be mutual understanding. The robot should be designed to easily understand and effectively realize what the human is doing, including learning intentions of each sequential activity. At the same time, the human should also perceive what the robot is doing, including its learned intentions in assimilating and carrying out tasks. Transparency of thought is crucial not only for safety, but also for effective interface design that will add to the most natural of human-robot interactions.


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