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What do clients have to say about Jeanie’s services?

“Jeanie did an outstanding job copy editing my book, and also seven different blog posts I wrote. I’m fairly confident in my writing ability, but Jeanie takes it to a whole new level. Her clear concise sentence structure in her editing process really leaves a professional impression on the reader, without losing any of the writer’s intended meaning. In fact, she improves the communication between writer and reader. I would recommend Jeanie for any consultative, technical or copy editing assignment without qualification.” – Stephen Perry, Financial Strategy Researcher, Financial Writer, & Published Author

“Jeanie has been an absolute blessing to deal with! By far, she’s one of the most helpful writers we’ve dealt with. Not only did she help us get our business rolling with several key written articles, but she also provided a lot of advice on how we should be structuring our editorial pieces going forward. She definitely knows a lot about the industry and is willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. Without question, she’s the smartest and hardest worker we’ve ever dealt with. Thanks again!” – John Knoewles, Manager at CMS Customer Solutions

“Jeanie has been the copy-editor for the Journal of Human-Robot Interaction since we started the journal. Recently, she took over as managing editor of the journal. She does a great job both in doing the copy-editing of technical documents and in working with the authors. She is a delight to work with.” – Michael Goodrich, Journal of Human-Robot Interaction; Professor and Department Chair of the Computer Science Department at Brigham Young University

“Jeanie really helped us a lot by editing an information report that will go to our investors. She understood complex topics compiled by several of our engineers and helped greatly by bringing it all together for our readers. We will be using her services again.” – Pocholo Amati, Chief Executive Officer

“Jeanie has provided freelance editing and proofreading in support of my small business, which offers scholarly and professional editing to clients in the social sciences. She consistently produces high-quality work on time and according to instructions.” – Cynthia Funkhouser, Business Owner

“I used Jeanie’s services for the first time last month and she delivered a great piece of work and in a short space of time. She also took the time to really try and understand what I wanted to say. Jeanie knows her subject inside out. Whatever you need written… talk to Jeanie, whatever you have written… let Jeanie review it! Jeanie is very easy to deal with and I will definitely be using her services again.” – Madison Hebert, Political Director

“I highly recommend Clear Facts for your research and writing needs. As the Executive Director of a busy non-profit, I have done a lot of grant writing and research myself over the years so I have an appreciation for competency in this area. I have found Clear Facts to provide competent and timely service, which is a relief for me and has freed me up to work in other needed areas of my organization!” – Holly Haggerty, Executive Director

“We were in need of a tech writer who knew what they were doing right from the start. Jeanie jumped right in with our information and rewrote the exact user guides we needed. Detailed product information is now much more clear, which really helps us avoid potential liabilities while increasing customer satisfaction.” – Amy Vegara, Marketing Consultant

“I have had a profound privilege to work with many talented editors and Jeanie is one of the best. She has amazing ability to take a mangled manuscript and breathe into it new life. Jeanie has always been a great teacher and she doesn’t hesitate to spread her knowledge to fellow editors willing to learn. She knows how to make quick, logical decisions and she is a huge benefit to any project.” – Etta Downs, Librarian

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jeanie and can wholeheartedly attest to the fact that she is a rare find in freelance writing/editorial services. She has been invaluably helpful in helping us improve our manuscripts and client newsletter. Without question, I couldn’t think of a better resource for writing/editing. Thanks again!” – Alex Carracedo, Certified Financial Planner

“In the many years I have known Jeanie she has always had a natural instinct for details. Jeanie has a dedication and drive that keeps her on task until it’s done. Jeanie’s experience combined with her extensive education and vast knowledge in her chosen trade, make Jeanie the clear choice for your professional needs!” – Lydia Bliven, Business Owner

“I had a large writing project with a few deadlines to be met. I found Jeanie to be really easy to work with while I was under a lot of pressure. She is a technical writer with heart, and I really appreciated her work when I needed this assistance. Thanks Jeanie!” – Maria Stevens, Project Manager

“We needed a lengthy technical report edited and proofread, and Jeanie worked diligently on our work. I could tell by the results and the red-lined copy she gave us that her service was very needed. She was able to keep our technician’s voice in the work and make the report sound good, even interesting. Thank you Jeanie!” – Richie Selino, Chief Executive Officer

“Jeanie can be counted on to scour the web until she finds appropriate information for our organization and has helped us write successful requests for funds. She is a master of the Internet doing research in areas we have needed to know more about. It is great to have someone who can quickly do these time consuming tasks.” – Sharon Hillestad, Program Director

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