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How Bookstore Visitors Become Story Readers

How can you bring your enticing, well-prepared story to the attention of more prospective readers? Your author’s website is your storefront, and the world is full of story shoppers. At the same time, not all window shoppers become readers, and it takes more than just exposure and savvy pricing. Highly specialized markets require specific language […]

What You Can Do About Paying More

A while back, I blogged about many third-party vendor inefficiencies (also listed below) that cause clients to pay more for the same services obtained here. Yes, I sell my services both directly here and through a third-party vendor, obtaining the same compensation through either method. Occasionally for the first couple of weeks, clients like having […]

Developmental Editing: Building Stories in Reverse to Go Forward

Top quality novel and book editing is done most efficiently when an editor understands and can generalize methods used by those who specialize in process development. Test-driven development, or “drafting” over and over, gained popularity among software developers and project managers as a means of building quality assurance before beginning to build any product. This […]

Science Fiction & Fantasy in Trusting the Bot

Twenty years ago, who would have thought that people would come to trust sensitive machines? Dating back further than Milgram’s 1960 experiments, the automation of large-group compliance has been studied and followed. Trust-building phenomena, although initially thought to develop out of delicate emotional processes, has been extensively researched and broken down into process components by […]

Creating Natural Interaction

No story line dialog could seem to need more help than that of people interacting with, and trusting, machines. Roboticists are conducting experiments to come up with ground-breaking technology. Why would anyone be so interested in robots? Robots are among the most distinctive innovations in the world of technology, offering innumerable applications and benefits. Working […]

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