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Open Letter to Aspiring & Established Authors

You have a story to share…

As an experienced editor, copyeditor, and proofreader, what can I have the pleasure of doing for you? Please share your plans with me, so we can tailor a plan based on your needs!

To begin with, I can help you develop and clear up your content, so you can make an impact. Your words play a leading role in clearly sharing your story lines and increasing your connections with your readers. With the right editorial assistance, you can successfully deliver meaningful messages within your targeted readership markets and change your readers’ lives.

Such effects are centered on clear and well-positioned content for everyone touched by your work. Whether preparing a book, a novel, or another content work, I can help you by thoroughly reviewing your written work for grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, consistency, and other markers of high-quality content. If you wish, I can also help you create or adjust your story for increasing interest and demand to further your future opportunities as an author.

My editing and proofreading services can be used to help you connect with your readers through your expressed ideas, thoughts, and stories. Well-written and uniquely expressed, meaningful messages blended well within story lines can engage reader experience factors with content that hits at the heart of your shared story. For example, story lines can be made clearer, supporting information and other descriptions can be moved into ongoing narratives, and engaging content justifies what you do best as an author.

Are you ready to be excited about your authored work? You have found an experienced language specialist who focuses on positively differentiating what you have to offer by reviewing your content for overall readability, flow, style consistency. All of these content characteristics build on your credible author’s voice authenticity and position your story for being devoured and absorbed by your readers.

Dear clients who appreciate my work enjoy our special relationships that are centered on moving their objectives forward. We know there are no guarantees in creative work, but if you are going to take the time to dream and then write it out, you might as well make sure that what you have on the market has the best chance for long-term publication success and is readable and enjoyable. Reach out to change the lives of your growing readership, earn assets through the results of your written work, and experience the continued professional and personal growth that comes naturally with being a successful author.

As with my appreciated and happy clients, if we connect, you will likely find a content partner match you will be happy to depend on through your current story’s publication… and your next… and your next. In fact, most of my clients love what is involved with being an author. I look forward to hearing from you!

– Jeanie Lyubelsky

Connect with Jeanie to touch the hearts, minds, and lives of your readers:  jeanie@lyubelsky.com
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