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‘Author’s Voice’ Ghostwriting, Editing, & Proofreading

“You need to write a book!”

Have you heard this before?

I bet you have a plan in mind with your drafted manuscript. I am here to help you make your writing exceptional and reach your dream of successful publication. Given my specialty services, my clients have me review everything from children’s fantasy to mystery, romance to adventure and strategy, science fiction and history, and much more.

I can help you reach out to your readers and touch their hearts, change their minds, and make your ideas take on a special life form of their own. Powerfully written words that tell your story can be yours, as you, the author, retain all credits, rights, and royalties to your polished written works.

Do you have a manuscript draft that never quite made it to publication? I can help you by editing your existing manuscripts, developing your content with confidential ghostwriting, and improving them with clearer readability a smoother content flow by proofreading for final quality assurance. If you have parts of your draft that are precious enough to you to not lose them but another “expert” recommended deletion, then you will be happy with my expert-level manuscript editing capabilities that can be used to help you retain the content you love in your special author’s voice.

With years of experience in helping my clients make their ideas come alive in writing, I will be happy to find out more about what you need. When my expert-level content work is appreciated by my dear clients, we can make almost anything happen. Let me help guide you on a path for how we can do this together, given our shared goal of you riding off into the sunset with the results of your publishable content.

– Jeanie Lyubelsky

Connect with Jeanie to touch the hearts, minds, and lives of your readers:  jeanie@lyubelsky.com
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