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Who is Jeanie Lyubelsky?

“Hello, your perfectly crafted story lines and success are very important to me! I specialize in helping authors touch the hearts, minds, and lives of their readers. Moreover, I can skillfully blend your author’s voice and writing style for good pacing and intensity to draw readers into your story’s most touching points. My extensive novel editing experience and specific education lends to my understanding of deeper psychological aspects in story lines and plots, transitions, convincing characters, and on-target scene developments. Your written work will be carefully reviewed before being delivered back into your hands, so it is ready for you to use. Please reach out to get my attention quickly by email. I will gladly connect with you!”
– Jeanie Lyubelsky

Professional Background and Skills

Jeanie Lyubelsky is a dedicated editor with nearly 20 years of experience in helping her clients touch the hearts, minds, and lives of readers. She is also an active member of the American Copy Editors Society (ACES). Ms. Lyubelsky provides editing, writing, and proofreading services for the following aspiring and published authors: creative writers, historians, leadership and business managers, finance professionals and investors, public relations and political campaign managers, project managers or government contractors and proposal writers, psychologists and attorneys, leading scientific decision-makers and engineers, and others needing professional editorial services.

As a full-time editor who understands how to transform content into any direction, Ms. Lyubelsky has extensive experience in editing, writing, and proofreading. Her regular daily experiences include reviewing and enhancing her clients’ novel and book manuscripts. Ms. Lyubelsky is actively involved in editing and proofreading manuscripts for aspiring and published authors of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, romance, adventure, and other genres.

You have found a talented wordsmith who knows how to enrich your content while ensuring proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency of style and voice, content flow, language usage, and readability. Ms. Lyubelsky knows how to how to strategically blend your author’s voice and writing style in drawing readers into your story’s most touching points. If you want to be a bit daring, she also knows when to break grammar rules in favor of story-line flow, and she can help you focus your content on being more marketable to your audience.

In addition to Jeanie Lyubelsky’s active full membership in ACES, she holds a systems-focused Master of Science degree in social services with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, both earned at the University of Wisconsin. A well-rounded education and an ongoing specialization in the art and science of developing compelling, meaningful content lends to Jeanie’s broad perspective on many specialized story-line interests. Through all of her professional experience, she consistently helps her clients deliver technically clear, concise, and highly readable content.

Jeanie’s clients find her to be a consultative editor-friend who is able to prioritize well and work collaboratively toward effectively furthering their plans, dreams, objectives, and goals. Jeanie’s services are of top-notch quality, professionally managed, and delivered on time. Exposure to many different types of genres and subject matter from initial development through publication has given Jeanie the extensive experience needed to be your flexible editorial partner for delivering deeply meaningful and effective content.

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